My Story : Kathleen Thibodeau

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Name: Kathleen Thibodeau 
Job: Shooting Coordinator @Vente
Living: New York, NY

(Interview transcribe from recording)

My story behind my look: Ok, I was in Ocean City,NJ this weekend and... um I thought I was coming home last night , but woke up this morning at 4:50! got on the bus... the express bus to New YorK City. Arrived in Port Authority and ran to work. I threw on this... um romper that I got in Barcelona, 2 year ago. it was my first romper ever and I was so excited about it... um this is Lush, deconstructed sweater, knit sweater. I like the back of it a lot its my favorite part, that why I bought it  and I love Lush...and I have my Cape Cod bracelet on that I got like 15th years ago. came to fame from this store called Eden and that burned down and now everyone copies that Cape Cod bracelets, I have the original ( laughing) ... um and I'm not wearing any other jewelry , but I wearing these jelly sandals from Zara. I thought the color was cool and I put my hair up in a top knot because, I'm not having the best hair day Today, waking up early. (laughing)

Describing my overall style: Um I like to mix , like eclectic, kind of... boho pieces, like vintage, cool pieces... um with kind of like classic lady like style, right now its' a little grungy Today , but I like to mix it up. 

(Lush Top, Romper from Barcelona, Spain, Cape cod bracelet, and Zara jelly sandals) 

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