Monday, August 19, 2013

Sometimes nature inspires my mood to dress in floral prints. Since I was walking around my neighborhood filled with healthy bushes, trees, and flowers. I thought my vintage skirt would be perfect. It's not your typical spring colors, which by the way is ok, at least for me. I wanted the skirt to be the focal point of my outfit, so I basically match the color of the printed skirt. I don't know if you guys notice from my previous outfits post but, I love crop tops; I'll wear them with any high waisted skirt.

love it!

(Prada glasses, American Apparel top, Vintage skirt, Kenzo watch, H&M bracelet & rings, (excluding diamond ring), and Zara bag & heels)


  1. I am in awe of that skirt, it is so perfect! And you styled it so nicely!

  2. That vintage skirt is amazing and I love the shirt tied and cropped with it! Your watch is absolutely gorgeous too! Have a good night! xx Pip

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  3. Wow, gorgeous look! I'm in love with that skirt and the way you styled it! perfect!


  4. Gorgeous, so in love with you skirt and bag, i have the same sandals, take a minute to see my blog and last look, xoxo.


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