Dim Sum Anyone?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hey Guys,

In New york city, there is a place called china town. In china town there is a place called Jing Fong, a great place for dim sum. My friend Ann and I had the pleasure this past summer to try out this hole on the wall restuarant. In Jing Fong it was huge, they sat us at our table, and we didn't have a menu we waited for the waiters to  pass by our table with a cart fill with dishes of our choosing. We never had dim sum like this. we chose chicken feet, shrimp, Veggie dumpling,spring roll, lemon gelatin and had some tea. Overall our experience was fun and well fed.



  1. Yes, thank you ! <3

    Sadly, we don't have china town in Norway... but I am going to travel to London with my family soon, we probably will eat a lot of dim sum over there !


  2. oh gawd... that place looks like the real deal... totally on my bucket list now! i love dimsum <3



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