Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hey Guys,

I'm not a preppy person, but I tried a look that is so Teen Vogue that I look like I'm in high school. It very interesting, I'll like what I'm wearing, but wouldn't continue styling myself this way. I want to dress my age, but sometime there are styles and trends that will prevent me from trying, because it really make me look younger.  if I went to a bar during the day with my friends and ask for wine, I would be ask for my Identification. I know it's what professional restaurant do, but even the fancy restaurant I go to don't card me.

what style/trend make you look younger or older then you really are? 


(Cotton Candy top, Georgina Chapman of Marchesa for Jcpenney dress, Chanel purse, H&M rings (expect the diamond ring), H&M sneakers)


  1. Cool outfit! Love the dress!


  2. This outfit is so cute! Everyone always assumes I am younger than I really am. The only piece that makes me look my age is when I wear pencil skirts or something of that kind. Great post!

  3. I really dig your style! Found you on Fashionbomb


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