NYFW StreetStyler Were all Wrong!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hey Guys

You have elite models, socialites, DJs, editors, buyers, dressing for the wrong season. There was a lot of skin exposed in the brutal week and half of New York Fashion Week. The weather was and is still bad in New York. We are dealing with very very very cold weather and couple of snow storms. I really don't know what they were all thinking, but it's seem they all sacrifice their health/warmth for photos, it definitely a sad thing. I had to layer and bundle up to keep warm, and yes I took  taxis, and black car services to shows, but your not in a car all day. I wonder if any of them catching a cold right now. They had winter pieces, but not wearing them the way they should. They had summer pieces on and it was just not pretty to watch. I was just disappointed by the winter NYFW14 street-style.   

What does this say about the fashion industry? Does anybody know how to dress well and presentable for winter season? and is it really that important for you to get spotted for street style photos, don't you think its a little narcissi much? Lastly what are you tell everyone who looks to street-style inspiration that you are unable to dress for cold weather?

Can someone tell them all not to do that again, for next year NYFW 2015, Please!

(All photo by Tommy Ton)

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