Korean BBQ

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I have tried Japanese,Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese, but never korean in till  my friend Jaylin who is korean took me out to have some Korean bbq.  My first Korean BBQ was great and I love every minute of it. We went to Gaonnuri in NYC on the top floor penthouse, enjoying our dish with a great city view.  I truly enjoyed this fancy koren bbq and I would go there again.

We ordered : HAEMUL PAJEON 해물 파전    Scallion Pancake With Market Fresh Seafood
                     CALAMARI SALAD 한치 샐러드 Spicy deep-fried calamari with sweet dressing
                   MARINATED GALBI 양념갈비  Short ribs marinated with special Galbi sauce
Eat, Korean bbq, NYC

CALAMARI SALAD: mixed green, fried calamari, and light sweet dressing

HAEMUL PAJEO: pancake fried scallion, calamari, and peppers

 MARINATED GALBI : short rib with multigrain rice, kimchi, kimchi slaw, romaine lettuce with calbi   sauce, thin slice red onion, and squash 

(Gaonnuri - 1250 Broadway, Penthouse 39th fl, New York,NY 10001)

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