Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hey Guys.

Here's a product I love to use for my body, it's Sabon Golden Iris made from the iris flower. It's a limited edition Shower oilbody scrub and body lotion. I usually use all three products in musk, but I wanted to try this out and Ilove it. Sabon product are great ! their shower oil is a shower gel with essential oils that give and lock in moisture on your body. The body scrub has salt from the dead sea in Israel, it also have essential oils to keep the your body smooth and moisturize, The body scrub is great for dry dead skin, eczema, serositis, and body acne. Lastly, the body lotion is just great, leaving your skin smooth and moisturize like the body scrub.  What I like about Sabon product is that they are all natural, free of sodium laurel sulfate aka s.l.s and paraben.

What's your go to body product?


  1. Apart from these product,i really love your blog's professional!!
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  2. Nice! Right now I'm using Bath and Body Works.

  3. What a great blog you have here :) and Im happy to follow.

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