Soho Cold

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hey Guys,

In New York, the cold weather is ridiculous. The streets in the city is less crowed, I see more food delivery guys outside more then people, and Starbucks is more crowed then ever. People are staying indoors, we only leave the workplace to go home, and you leave home to go to the workplace. It so bad that I need to cover half my face with a scarf, keep my hands in my pocket and power walk to try to keep warm and get to my destination quickly.  I'm in the street of soho, coincidentally I see a photo of palm trees in a window display, it only made me wish for warm weather. Lastly, I just have to let you know that Uniqlo made the best parka, that really keep me warm. This parka have shearling inside and it leave me room to layer, or wear big thick sweater. It's really the best.


(Uniqlo parka coat, H&M pant, Longchamp bag, Local boutique scarf,Forever 21 boots)


  1. Those pants are a great colour!

  2. I heard on the news that some parts of America are colder than some parts of Antarctica! It's crazy! You look cute all snuggled up in your outfit though! It must be kinda magical walking along deserted streets in such cold.

    The Fashann Monster

  3. Absolutely perfect! :-)))

  4. Brrr I hope you can get warm, looking at these pictures made me freeze a little haha:) your coat is stunning tough!!xx

  5. nice boots:)

  6. Lovely pictures! You look great <3

    x Maria
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    featuring my new collar dress

  7. Beautiful dress photos!

  8. Great warm outfit! I love your bag!:)

  9. so cute and looks really warm which is what really counts! Great post!


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